Care Management

The Caring Heart staff aims to be an extension of the family. We are here to support those charged with caring for their loved ones as well as the help the seniors themselves. Based on our comprehensive assessments, our caregivers are assigned and consistent so they know your loved one’s history, patterns and needs. If you are far away, we will provide monthly reports on all activities, progress, medical issues, or anything else you’d like to know.

Understanding the complex issues of caring for a loved one can be difficult. Our assessments consist of a face-to-face interview that allows us to fully grasp and diagnose the situation to ensure the development and implementation of an effective care plan.

  • Medical care, including Alzheimer’s support
  • Family mediation, conferences
  • Collaboration with other caregivers (doctors, pharmacists, therapy, administrators/directors of care centers)
  • Placement services/needs if home care is not possible